Tuning Out

"Rathlin Island Cross" (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

“Rathlin Island Cross” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

The disaster that is Donald Trump continues to suck the life out of most news cycles. And since news of the buffoon and his dangerous cronies only serves to aggravate and irritate me, I made a vow Sunday to take time off from listening to the news.

For the next week (at least), I will not be reading The New York Times, Salon, Politico, my Twitter feed, nor will I be going to CNN’s website, or FoxNews, or MSNBC, or Buzzfeed….

Instead, I will be:

  • Listening to music (Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Hank Jones, Red Garland)
  • Continuing my slooooow “progress” through Ulysseses (I have until Bloomsday to finish)
  • Reading Paul Sabatier’s wonderful biography of St. Francis, The Road to Assisi
  • Starting a jigsaw puzzle (maybe)
  • And, of course, writing

That is it.

A new Lenten discipline. A letting go.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

O! and wish me luck. I think I am going to need it.



Tuning Out — 1 Comment

  1. i just acquired a “floating shift” key necklace. I wonder what floating shift means. Even though I don’t know exactly what a floating shift does,it resonates with my Zen Buddhist philosophy.

    I’m especially curious about you because of your Sandburg connection. Me too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.