A long weekend back in Chicago is done. It is time to return to routine again: up early, writing, biking to work, working, biking home, It is a routine I can settle into quite easily.

I came across an interesting book at the Pauline Bookstore in Chicago called The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton, by Daniel P. Horan. As I have said here before, it seems clear to me that the message of St. Francis is more urgent today than ever before in a society that worships wealth and violence above all else. It was a book I could not pass up.

I also picked up another Hayden Carruth volume.

Here are some pictures from my trip to the Windy City to watch a Dead and Company concert.


“Self-Portrait: Cubs, Dead, and Books” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

“Waiting on a Train” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

“Door Post” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

“North Michigan Avenue” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)


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