A Monday Sermon

“Assumption Abbey, Richardson, North Dakota” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

A recent list of Trumps lies published in the New York Times reminds me of why I am so on edge these days. It is difficult to imagine a world where egregious and dangerous behavior is not universally condemned and held accountable in some way.

But this is the the world we live in.

In Montana and North Dakota, most bars and restaurants we went into had big televisions streaming FoxNews. 24 hours of propaganda and mis-information being sung to the choir. In the world of FoxNews Land, truth is twisted and lies become truth and hate becomes virtue.

I spend a great deal of time thinking of St. Francis these days.

In America we worship violence and wealth, guns and billionaires. St. Francis taught that God intends something quite different indeed.

Contrary to Calvin, wealth is not a sign of virtue in anyway. It is the fruit of selfishness and violence. It is not giving to our neighbor, but is taking away.

There are enough resources on this good earth to take care of all. But when a few claim it as a right to take so much, there can never be enough.

Our system is flawed. The problem is there for all to see. And yet in FoxNews Land what is obvious is intentionally obscured.

The rich are takers. They are not the great wealth-makers they want us to believe. Neither are they the emblems of virtue that they claim. Acquisition of wealth is by definition antithetical to the Kingdom of God.

Conspicuous consumption is a sign of failure– failure of humanity, of imagination, of faith. Accumulating wealth is a sign of selfishness, of self-aggrandizement, of imagining we are more important and more deserving than we are.

How do we save a world from Trump and FoxNews?

The way of St. Francis seems like the obvious choice.


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