“A Reckoning is Coming” A New Poem

“Rathlin Island Crosses” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

by M.A.H. Hinton

tax breaks
for those
who have too much money
is what they tell us
will turn
the whole damn thing around

for 37 years now
since that B-grade actor
became the first face
of unTruth
they have been selling
this same snake oil
in bigger
and bigger bottles

yet nothing changes

how patient
must God be
to hear
so many
taking his name
in vain

how patient
must the people be
to hear
so few
counting all the coins
at the end
of every day


“A Reckoning is Coming” A New Poem — 1 Comment

  1. If we kill the corporations stealing from us, kill the multinational corps. and multinational banks trying to rule us and the government they pay off in European vacations. Maybe just maybe Real capitalism can work. GOVERNMENTS f**k up EVERYTHING.
    One man, one business. No money lenders. Did you ever wonder if they had to have workers instead of slave laborers working the fields that the farmer would charge 10$/for a head of lettuce, worker would get good wage farmer would get good wage the people would have to spend money close to home to good people( farmers&laborers).
    Less money to communist slave run iPhone factories. The reason tuition is so high is because they give gov. aid and cheap bank loans, price of houses goes up with Freddy&fanny. Cheap loans. If money is added to “fix” things that money will be scraped off and you get left with higher prices. These large institutions, banks,colleges,hospitals,corporations and gov. will die away if they cannot grow. Pensions,interest.rates lack of jobs and informed.awake.healthy people will kill these bloated behemoths. All acting in there own self interest. Corp love regulations because it forces poor competition out of.business they want gov reg monopolies.”competition is a sin” (rockefeller) The globalist cockroaches that have taken over are government have sold us out for silver coins.and vacations. We get stupid trillion dollar trains to nowhere, roundabouts and #$@%&”*$+%#$@&%$+”***socker. Now trump is punching the foreign monied globalist
    Day one killed TTP. This would have ended our sovereignty. We would be under the rule of unelected officials (like EU).
    PARIS accord. We pay billions of dollars to poor countries, cut our productivity for to once again put us in line for global gov.” Come on all the other countries are doing it” said the spider to the fly. If these global slave traders get even a toenail they will ensnare your progeny til the end of time. Demographics at current rate says your great grandchildren will be named mohammed. At the end of the day maybe the Lord sees having money is the problem not the lack of it!