Aimless Waiting

(photoshop art by m.a.h. hinton)

(photoshop art by m.a.h. hinton)

In the silences between posts here at ClimbingSky, I read parts of books, listen to music, and occasionally push words around on paper. The theme of such days is “aimless waiting.”


on the morning
after the first light snowfall
of the year
the four of us
so rarely together anymore
sit drinking coffee
and talking politics and current events

a single gray squirrel gathers sunflowers
spilled by sparrows and chickadees
beneath our feeders

it leaps a few yards
buries its tiny horde
and runs back to gather more
over and over
it buries little piles of seeds
all over our yard

in the locust tree above
two different kinds of woodpeckers
move among the branches
while cardinals and juncos
come and go
on their own wintery missions

I turn back to the table
no longer afraid



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