Book Review: “The Fabulous Clipjoint” by Fredric Brown

“Hardboiled crime fiction is a literary style distinguished by an unsentimental portrayal of crime, violence, and sex” Fredric Brown wrote hundreds of science fiction and detective stories for pulp magazines like Black Mask, Thrilling Detective, andWeird Tales… he wrote screenplays for Alfred Hitchcock… he … Continue reading

Poetry Review: “To Wordsworth” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

In 1813, poet William Wordsworth, tired of being the starving artist, took a government job as stamp distributor in Westmorland. Shelley, among others (Browning wrote of Wordsworth’s decision to work for the government that he had once criticized, “Just for … Continue reading

Music Monday: “Who Were You Thinking of” by The Texas Tornandos

Enduring yet another blizzard in the North Country, my thoughts are turned inevitably south to warmer climes, and more civilized ways of living. I first read about the Texas Tornados in 1990 in Time or Newsweek in the waiting room of my dentist office. … Continue reading