Blogging in December

“My 1946 Smith-Corona Super-Speed” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

December has arrived in the North Country. Not with the usual cold and snow this year. But warm and mild. We know the other proverbial shoe will drop, but for now we enjoy days of light jackets and sweatshirts.

My second-story office where I write has two large windows that look over our backyard and the dozen other backyards on our suburban block. On summer mornings it is light enough outside to enjoy the view of trees and birds. In winter, it is too dark for that until it is almost time to go to work.

Out of habit, even on weekends, I am usually up between 5:00 and 5:30 and sitting at my desk with my coffee trying my best to write.

I am not sure how it is for other writers, but for me this is my favorite time of day. I have a quiet mind, feel appreciative of all that I have been given, and have hope. For one burdened by nature and genetics with depression, morning tides of hope are a precious gift.

On my desk is a typewriter, a college-lined journal, and a computer. Three ways for me to write, depending on my mood or current inclination.

Also on my desk are the silly and meaningful things that I have collected as talismans and memories over the years: a rock from Sedona, Arizona and one from where the Brule River empties into Lake Superior; a shell from Padre Island; an “antique” picture of my brother Paul and I dressed as outlaws taken in Virginia City, Montana, 35 years ago; a shadow box with patches from the few countries I have visited; action figures of captains Kirk and Picard; a Zippy the Pinhead coffee mug filled with pencils, pens, and a pair of scissors; a ceramic Charlie Russell coaster; my coffee cup; and a rotating stack of books that I am currently working through. Everything I need to write.

Some mornings the writing is easier than other mornings. On the days when it is more difficult I usually end up working on this blog or tweaking some poems.

My silent times here are usually because my other writing projects are going well. Or because I feel I have “extra” time to work on ClimbingSky.

December has arrived. Tomorrow is the first day of Advent.



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  1. The photo is the one I carry. You can’t take Montana out of the man. We are the echoes in the mountains of our youth.
    New phone, resend number
    Love to all😀
    That’s an imoge
    Like a tweet.
    Or are they twits.