Reader’s Notes: “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt

Reader’s Notes here at ClimbingSky are not “book reviews” but are notes and impressions about books and poems and writers.  The mini heatwave we had been experiencing in the North Country broke yesterday. Last night we went to sleep again with the … Continue reading

Book Review: “The Ghosts of Belfast” / “Collusion” by Stuart Neville.

Summer has returned to the North Country with days of green and growing trees and grass. Mornings are filled with the songs of birds. At night, we go to sleep to a chorus of frogs. Our feeders are busy with … Continue reading

The “Occasional Theologian” and the Poet

I am not a systematic theologian. And yet… though I have tried mightily over the years, a lifetime of reading, writing, studying, and thinking about God, art, and the world have, alas, taken their inevitable toll. I have to confess that I  have become … Continue reading