On Wanderlust and Intellectual Chain-Smoking

The month of May has transitioned into the early days of June and I have not posted for awhile. I spent the last weeks of May otherwise engaged, aka. studying for exams. Now that the exams are done (and successfully passed), I … Continue reading

Richard Hugo, Revisited

In the category of, “Yet Another Thing I Wish I Would Have Thought of”, University of Montana Journalism student Annela Rova combined photographs with recordings made by local Montanans reading poems by the late Montana poet Richard Hugo to create a great … Continue reading

Poetry Review: “Degrees of Gray in Phillipsburg” by Richard Hugo

Richard Hugo is one of a number of Montana poets and writers who came from somewhere else and settled in Montana as an adult. Unlike Thomas McGuane, for example, who is from Michigan and so is a Midwesterner ultimately in … Continue reading