Hardboiled Heaven and a Long Winter

In the silence between posts here, I have been re-reading Dashiell Hammett. Most winters I have gravitated to big old novels like Dickens or Hugo. This winter I have found myself heeding a call to return to all things hardboiled.

Dashiell Hammett invented the hardboiled detective and made “mystery stories” high art. Raymond Chandler and Ross Macdonald built upon what Hammett did to create some of the best American novels of the 20th Century. Not best mystery or genre novels, but best novels of any kind written by an American.

For the next little while, most of my posts here will be about these three writers. I am re-concentrating on them as I work to finish a 15-year old hardboiled detective manuscript of my own. It is currently at 56,521 words… and so has a long way to go.

Wish me luck!



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