Haiku and the Small Poem

Haiku is the most familiar small poetic form. It is one of the first forms we are taught and one of the easiest to understand. Three lines with syllables numbered as follows:

What could be easier. Right? Until you spend a little time trying your hand at them again. When you do, the difficulty becomes apparent – the 50 pound sack quickly overflows.

For awhile now I have been looking at haiku and other small poetic forms and trying my hand again at them. Trying to shake the rust off… to stir things up.

There are a few good websites that highlight the small poem. My current favorite features one haiku or small poem a day. It is called TinyWords. Take a look.

In the meantime from the “for what it’s worth department,” I am including two Montana haiku’s I have recently written.


cottonwoods shimmer
mountains greet the climbing sky
a heron fishes

~  ~  ~

The Missouri turns
toward the rising sun. Heron
turns to greet the day.

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