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Dead Lyrics

When I was young, I knew a lot of dedicated Dead Heads. The kind that caravanned around the country in VW buses and tie-died shirts. They were some of my favorite people, but they were also the primary reason that I would never give the Dead the time of day.

Dead Heads were as irritating to me as Born-Again Christians. Their obsessive fandom, and their insistence that I just had to “love” the Dead as much as they did, insured only that I would never give the Grateful Dead much of chance, and for years I never did. Funny how much damage missionaries can do to their cause.

Obviously, growing up in the 1960s and 70s, Dead songs were familiar to me. But I did not buy Grateful Dead albums or go to concerts. They were merely another band that I knew but did not care to listen to.

Flash forward a few decades, and O how times have changed.

Now, I listen all the time. What changed? Me, I suppose. In the same way that I had to grow into a love of Jazz, I had to grow into a love of the Grateful Dead. I also had to “get over” the missionary zeal of their fans. And I am so happy that I have.

And now… Now, I am well on my way to being a Dead Head myself. But I will do my best not to be a missionary about it!

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