Hugh’s Journal

The feature Hugh’s Journals has appeared here on Sundays. For some basic background on Rev. Hugh Bebb Jones and his notebooks click here.

Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, 1941

Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, 1941

According to his notation, Hugh used this excerpt from his notebooks in a sermon on the first Sunday of September 1941, a few months after DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak ended and just a few weeks before Ted Williams went 4 for 6 on the last day of the season to become the last man to hit .400(.406).

Baseball was on the minds of Hugh’s congregation… baseball and the looming shadow of war.

While it may not seem like baseball season here in the North Country, it is. Friday night between snowstorms the Mets played the Twins in an outdoor, inter-league game. The Mets, who were not even in existence in 1941, defeated the Twins, who in 1941 were the Washington Senators.

Much has changed  in the baseball world since 1941: Jackie Robinson, the DH, the height of the pitching mound, the Red Sox winning two World Series.

Two things have not changed: the Cubs still have not won a World Series, and the “Washington Senators” got embarrassed by a New York team.



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