Hugh’s Journals


The feature Hugh’s Journals has appeared here on Sundays. For some basic background on Rev. Hugh Bebb Jones and his notebooks click here.

There is a sense in which I have come to think of Hugh as an artist. It is the instinct/sense he had of the importance of passing on something of himself and his unique experience of being in this world to others.

To me this a different impulse than being a preacher (which he was) or an intellectual (which he was) or a parent and grandparent (which he also was).

Here is a page from Hugh’s journals about growing old. The fact that he gave this the context that he did and typed it up for someone else to read tells me, at least, that he was trying to create/leave-behind something more than himself for more than himself.

Some would probably say that the longing to do so is merely human, and no doubt it is. But I would say that it is the execution of this very human longing that distinguishes art from all the other ways people try to do the same thing.

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