Hugh’s Journals

HBJ_BannerThe feature Hugh’s Journals has appeared here on Sundays. For some basic background on Rev. Hugh Bebb Jones and his notebooks click here.

It has been said that the job of a preacher is to “comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.” Read in light of this idea, one could probably divide all of Hugh’s typed-up pages into three volumes: pages to comfort, pages to dis-comfort, and pages to do both at the same time.

Today’s page from Hugh’s journals would go into the latter category. It is a reminder that we can often best serve where we are, doing what we are doing BUT doing it well and true and honestly.

A pastor is in a peculiar position. He or she is paid specifically to do “religious” work by members of a congregation or parish that earn their money doing “worldly” work. Or that is the way it seems from a worldly view. A religious view of this relationship would say that ALL are potentially doing the Lord’s work in what they do when they are working honestly and conscientiously and fairly doing their work.

This “rhyme” would have been comforting to some of Hugh’s congregants and dis-comforting to others. Just as it is now to those of us who read it today, depending on how honestly and conscientiously and fairly we are doing our own “work” and treating others.

As good a message today as it was when Hugh first heard it on the radio decades ago.


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