Hugh’s Journals


The feature Hugh’s Journals has appeared here on Sundays. For some basic background on Rev. Hugh Bebb Jones and his notebooks click here.

Winter retains its icy grip on the North Country. But complain as we might, those of us who live in northern climes know in our heart of hearts that it would not feel like Christmas time without snow and cold.

The Rev. Hugh Bebb Jones’ journals are filled with pages of prayers, poems, and hymns that he typed up from various sources to use in services, sermons, and hospital and home visitations.

Those that were originally written in English invariably seem to feature rhyme. Rhyme plays a big part in traditional hymns and prayers from the “English” religious tradition. So does a “sing-song” meter that makes memorization much easier.

Here is one, chosen at random, for the last Sunday in Advent.



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