Keeping Score

baseball-scorecard-300x214There are two kinds of people in this world: those who keep score at baseball games and those who don’t.

I still have a scorecard from the very first major league game I ever saw in person. It was a game in 1981 at Wrigley Field between the Phillies and the Cubs. I was almost 21 and the pitching match-up was: Steve Carlton against Fergie Jenkins. Pretty damn good for your first game in person.

It is a scorecard from my first game BUT it is not myscorecard. Somehow during that day I ended up switching cards with someone in the large group I was with. So my souvenir is someone else’s scorecard of my first game.

For a number of years I had a notebook that had games I went to at Wrigley,  Comiskey, the Astrodome and Tiger Stadium. Dozens and dozens of games… if not hundreds. Somewhere in one of a many, many moves over the years, I lost that notebook. But for some reason I still have someone else’s scorecard from my first “in person” major league game.

The need to obsessively document every game I go to has lessened over time. This year so far I have gome to one game at Miller Park in Milwaukee and two at Target Field. The game at Miller I scored as well as my first at Target Field. At my second game though at Target Field with my good friend Keith I did not even try to keep score. With time I have learned that the game is enjoyable both ways.


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