Charles Mingus

When you blog you end up visiting a lot of other blogs. I go through phases but here are the ones that I come back to again and again. Check them out.



E.A. Feliu
What could be better than the combination of typewriters and poetry? Great blog, check it out.


“just a dude, a guitar player, trying to play everything else too.” Musician and artist Brian Marcou writes, plays all instruments, sings, and records some great stuff.

Marc Myers writes daily on jazz legends and legendary jazz recordings. My favorite jazz blog.

A blog about all things Grateful Dead. Thorough, eclectic, and fun.


Buddies in the Saddle
Before his death on April 11, 2015, Ron Scheer wrote daily about all things Western. He was also the most loyal commentor on MontanaWriter and ClimbingSky. We never met in person, but I considered him a mentor and friend. I am honored beyond words that he took so much of his time to read my blogs and short stories.



Bringing together the best typewriter blogs and links. Eclectic and alway interesting.