Music Monday

I have not done Music Monday for awhile.

I am still listening primarily to live recordings of the Grateful Dead. It has become for me a form of prayer. Hearing the same songs done in different ways over different years. Especially Jerry’s guitar solos which are as holy to me as Lester Young’s saxophone solos and Duke Ellington alone on the piano. There is in the way all three play their instruments a “slowed-down-feminine-beauty” that I have heard nowhere else.

I have said here before that I do not much like most hymns or sacred music. It would be more accurate though to say that I “loathe” them. Nothing makes my worship experience less meaningful than the boring sound of an organ or people forced to stand and sing some dreary hymn.

But I do enjoy hearing crowds sing “secular” hymns at concerts. It should be the same experience, but it is not. Maybe it is because one is spontaneous and rooted in joy, the other rooted in… expected decorum.

I will think on it some more. In the meantime, here is another Dead song and another Jerry solo.


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