Music Monday: “A Tramp on the Street” by Hank Williams, Sr.

As I have said before, one of the things I appreciate most about real Country Music (not the pre-packaged bullshit they market today) is the wonderful balance between the sacred and the profane: Willie Nelson following “Whiskey River” and “Blood Mary Morning” up with “Uncloudy Day”, Johnny Cash singing “Folsom Prison” and a “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.” It is real.

No one does it better than Hank Sr.  In honor of Holy Week, here is a boring video of a great song.



The Tramp on the Street
recorded by Hank Williams                          [3/4 time]
written by Grady and Hazel Cole

C                            F
Only a tramp was Lazarus sad fate
G7                     C
He who lay down at the rich man’s gate
He begged for the crumbs from the rich man to eat
C            G7          C
He was only a tramp found  dead on the street

He was some mother’s darlin’ he was some mother’s son
G7                   C
Once he was fair and once he was young
Some mother rocked him her darlin’ to sleep
C           G7           C
But they left him to die like  a tramp on the street

Jesus who died on Calvary’s tree
G7                    C
Shed His life’s blood for you and for me
They pierced His sides His hands and His feet
C           G7           C
And they left Him to die like a  tramp on the street

He was Mary’s own darlin’ he was God’s chosen Son
G7                   C
Once He was fair and once He was young
Mary she rocked Him her darlin’ to sleep
C          G7           C
But they left Him to die like a tramp on the street

If Jesus should come and knock on your door
G7                         C
For a place to come in or bread from your store
Would you welcome Him in or turn Him away
C               G7              C
Then the God’s would deny you on the Great Judgment Day.

      (lyrics and chords cf. Classic Country Lyrics)



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