Music Monday: “Darkness on the Edge of Town” by Bruce Springsteen

There are to my mind three distinct eras in Springsteen’s music:

  • Early Springsteen, everything up to Born in the USA (including Nebraska)
  • Born in the USA and Tunnel of Love
  • Late Springsteen

I am in the camp of those who prefer Early Springsteen (including Nebraska): the working class angst, the anger, the energy, the raw youthfulness, the rootiness of rock and blues. I can listen to and enjoyBorn in the USA and Tunnel of Love but I have no great passion for those songs. I have no interest whatsoever in anything after Tunnel of Love… so two decades worth of music.

Looking for youtube footage of “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” one of my all time favorites, I found a number of clips from the last two decades. The one I include here shows my bias for the Early Springsteen. It is grainy, and black and white… but it is essential Springsteen.

What better way to start another cold and bleak week than with “Darkness of the Edge of Town.”

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