Music Monday: “God Will” by Lyle Lovett

Last week’s Music Monday pick, Hank Jr., ended up being in the news a few days later when he lost, or resigned, his Monday Night Football gig over some ill-phrased remarks. Note to any and all would-be analogy makers: bringing up “Hitler” in any context is bound to get you into trouble. No one will listen to the context. No one will try to decipher what you really meant to say. They will only hear the name “Hitler.” Hell, I just typed he-who-should-never-be-referenced twice and have already lost half of my tiny blog audience.

Fearing that Music Monday may have become the musical equivalent of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx, I looked around for someone as non-controversial as possible.

Lyle Lovett is one of my favorite singer/songwriters… and this is one of his best songs.

On a October morning, it seems like just the thing.



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