Music Monday: “Lady Day and John Coltrane” by Gil Scott-Heron


Last week on The Current, I heard this song for the first time… it instantly became a favorite. I spent the week listening to Gil Scott-Heron… poet, jazz, proto-rapper. And I wonder… as I do so many times in life… how come I did not find Scott-Heron and this song earlier. The category of great musicians I have never listened to is vast.

The sound-quality and images-quality from this particular video leaves much to be desired. But on a Monday morning when the economy is in the toilet and thinking of heading to sea… what could be better than a song reminding us of the power of music.


Selected lyrics from “Lady Day and John Coltrane”

Ever feel kinda down and out, you don’t know just what to do–
Livin’ all of your days in darkness let the sun shine through–
Ever feel that somehow, somewhere, you’ve lost your way–
And if you don’t get help quick you won’t make it through the day–
Could you call on Lady Day,
Could you call on John Coltrane
Now ‘cause they’ll
They’ll wash your troubles
Your troubles your troubles
Your troubles away!

Plastic people with plastic minds are on their way to plastic homes–
No beginning there ain’t no ending just on and on and on and on and on, it’s
All because they’re so afraid to say that they’re alone–
Until our hero rides in, rides in on his saxophone.
Could you call on Lady Day,
Could you call on John Coltrane
Now ‘cause they’ll,
They’ll wash your troubles,
Your troubles, your troubles
Your troubles away!

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