Music Monday: “Laura” by Flogging Molly

When I re-did this Fall, I ended up taking down a lot of content. One of the casualties of that rearrangement was Music Monday. Surprisingly, I did get a few emails asking why I had taken those down. (Interestingly, no one asked about the poems or short stories… oh well).

Well Music Monday is back. I will also be re-posting, as much as I am able, the previous ones. Who says I cannot take unsolicited advice?

So without further ado… today’s Music Monday…. Flogging Molly.

Most bands are better in the studio than live. There is one class of bands that this is never true for, bar bands. A good bar band is always best live. The interaction between audience and the band is at the very heart of what they do. They are performers as much as they are musicians.

Flogging Molly is everything a great bar band should be: raucous, loud, and entertaining. Their music is the perfect marriage of two of my favorite kinds of music: punk and Irish.

This live version of “Laura” is easily one of my 25 favorite songs of all time… lyricism and edge. The perfect way to begin a week

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