Music Monday: “Long, Long Time” by Pat McLaughlin

In the early 1980′s, my friend Bob was living and going to school in Nashville. When I was living in Chicago and Michigan I would hop on the Greyhound and go down to visit him. The change in culture and climate was wonderful.

Nashville was a great town: good food, nice people, and great music. All those studio musicians and songwriters needed places to play. It seemed like every place we went there was an excellent singer or band.

My favorite was Pat McLaughlin. Whenever I was in town we went to hear him play. I had a couple of his LPs and put them all onto cassettes that I wore out over the years traveling and bumming around the South and later Montana.

“Long, Long Time” is an old favorite of mine. The video is just an excuse by someone to get a great song out into the world again. That’s alright. When I hear the song I close my eyes anyway and imagine that I am young again, in a smokey bar in Nashville, and outside it is warm and humid,….

On the last day of February, it seems like the perfect song.


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