Now Reading: Penelope Niven & Amy Lowell

I wrote earlier this month that I have made it a goal for ClimbingSky to mention here more often what I am reading. Not reviews per se, but notes or acknowledgements.

I am just about to wrap up Jane Hirshfield’s After. I have been reading it in the mornings. Sometimes before I start writing and sometimes after I am done writing and am getting ready to head to work. I remain enchanted and am already looking for another volume by her.

I have begun Penelope Niven’s authoritative biography of Carl Sandburg. In her preface, she writes about how it was the experience of visiting Sandburg’s home in North Carolina that drew her to start reconsidering Sandburg and his poetry again.

It was visit a few years ago to his birthplace in Galesburg, Illinois, that had the same effect on me. Sandburg has become, late in my life, one of my favorite poets and the one I think American’s should be required to read more of in school.

I am also reading through a collection of essays and introductions by Amy Lowell called Poetry and Poets. I picked it up at a used bookstore in St. Paul. It is an old volume published by The Riverside Press in 1930.

And so goes this writer’s life: reading and writing… writing and reading.

“Amy Lowell” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)




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