Poem Draft: “QWERTY” (draft 2)

ClimbingSky is a place to experiment. I am experimenting with posting the working drafts of a poem. An earlier draft of this poem was posted here.

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without even the slightest trace of irony
this you believe
even the smallest finger
can quickly begin
a word
a sentence
even a poem as long as your arm

Whole days are spent this way
weighing the meaning of everything
like a three-legged stool
inverted on a workbench
built and rebuilt
again and again

Everything you know
or hope to know
is balanced here

That is your pleasure
and your grief
for pleasure and grief
always go together
like the dragon and the lance

Yet still you believe
believe at least enough
to get up each day
and wait
for your fingers
to fumble out yet another yellowing sun
to bless yet another golden day


Poem Draft: “QWERTY” (draft 2) — 2 Comments

  1. Nice — I particularly like the three-legged stool idea.

    Good for you for embarking on a poem-a-day project. You can do it and I know it will be fruitful. Happy new year.