Poetry Notebook

Awhile ago when I began experimenting with sketching, I also began writing by hand (rather than  typing) notes and rough drafts of poems. A habit I had gotten away from years ago. This is another  page from my ongoing Poetry Notebook.

In baseball a great hitter fails 7 out of every 10 at-bats. Ted Williams, the greatest of all hitters, in his best season (1941) managed to fail in just 6 of of every 10 of his at bats.

In poetry and art, the “failure rate” is much, much higher…

I know that I cannot really sketch, but in my Poetry Notebook I still try. The results are inevitably a swing and a miss. But I try to make the best of it.

Living with failure and success, some say, is part of growth. Acknowledging limitations and playing to your strengths is what baseball players, poets, and artists do all the time.

So what the hell. You might as well see my journal at its worst…. Oh, and good luck trying to decipher my handwriting!

Poetry Journal Drumcliffe1

Poetry Journal – Drumcliffe Failure 1

Poetry Journal – Drumcliffe Failure 2

Poetry Journal – Drumcliffe Failure 2


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