Poetry Review: “The Mountains Stood in Haze” by Emily Dickinson

Dickinson_poemsThere are few poets I admire as much as Emily Dickinson. There are also few as important to American poetry and American letters. Yet MontanaWriter has not reviewed a single Dickinson poem. Why the slight up to this point? I have no explanation.

Her poems are some of the most delightful and easy to recall ever written in the English language. They represent the best of what poetry can do: in a compressed space and with a few words carry a library’s worth of meaning and emotion.

This week my family has been vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains. Here in the “land of blue smoke” this poem came quickly to mind.



The Mountains Stood in Haze
The Mountains stood in Haze –
The Valleys stopped below
And went or waited as they liked
The River and the Sky.

At leisure was the Sun –
His interests of Fire
A little from remark withdrawn –
The Twilight spoke the Spire,

So soft upon the Scene
The Act of evening fell
We felt how neighborly a Thing
Was the Invisible.


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