Reading, Discussing, & New Publications Coming

"Stepping Stones" (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

“Stepping Stones” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

It has been a wet and gray few weeks in the North Country. Lawns are long and green but we are longing for sun.

The wet weather has meant that I have not been biking to work as often as I had planned. My mood often shows it.

I continue writing and sending out poems, including a 70+-page manuscript I am just beginning to send out.  So far I know of two publications that will be including my poetry this summer.

  • “Picture Album”: Into the Void Magazine, Issue 5 (July 25th 2017)
  • “Momentous Occasions”:  Blue Heron Review (Summer 2017)

When they are published, I will post links here.

It is a odd process this sending out poems. Packaging up your creations and sending them out into the world. Writing is easier in many ways. But for now I have made peace with the process. What is the point, after all, of writing and writing and never sharing what you have written.

I am working my way through three books right now that sit on my writing desk:

  1. Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey, Hayden Carruth, a book of poetry
  2. The Triggering Town, by Richard Hugo, a collection of essays and lectures about writing and poetry
  3. The Visionary Company, by Harold Bloom, the standard on English Romantic poetry

Each book is a marvel and a revelation in its own way. Carruth’s poetry is exactly what I need to be reading right now. And Hugo and Bloom are forcing me to rethink things I thought I understood already.

I think sometimes how strange it is that I spend so much of my time thinking about things that have nothing to do with how I spend my days. But in the evening and the mornings I have the “discussions” I need with these books.

I have noted here before that I am a slow reader. It would be more accurate to say I am a deliberate one. Read a few paragraphs or a few poems and then “discuss” them with myself. How does this fit with what I have thought? How true does this seem and why? How do I feel? How did the writer do this? What can I learn from this?

I marvel daily at the patience of my wife, Sue, who puts up with my distracted ways. I know it is not always easy to live with someone who is always thinking about other things, who is always having “discussions” with dead poets and saints. Everyday I count myself blessed beyond measure.

Summer is coming. There will me more bike riding, more writing and reading, and hopefully more publications.



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