Saturday Gravy

“Madison Buffalo Jump” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

An update gone awry brought ClimbingSky to a standstill this week. Hours on chat with my hosting company finally resolved the issue late yesterday afternoon.

For awhile during the process though, I was preparing myself mentally for life after blogging.

I started blogging in March 2010 with MontanaWriter. Feeling that the geographic reference limited me in some way, and tired of explaining so often that I no longer lived in Montana but think of myself ever and always as a Montana writer and hence the name, I transitioned to ClimbingSky. A decision I have debated with myself ever since.

So in ways when it looked like ClimbingSky could not be recovered and I contemplated the idea that  I would have to start all over again from scratch, I felt a measure of relief. Everything after all needs to come to an end. Maybe after nearly 8 years it was time for my blogging to come to an end.

But when a usable archive-backup of my files was finally found and installed with just a few missing pieces, I spent a few hours doing my best to fill in missing pieces so at least I was back to where I was on Monday morning.

So what now?

In 8 years there have been times when I have blogged a lot, and times when I barely blogged at all. I used to do poetry reviews regularly and once for a hundred days I wrote and posted a new poem every day here. I have made a few friends via this all, and found one virtual mentor.

As a person, I do not like change (my family can attest to that). As an artist and an intellect though I am constantly looking for change and new challenges. I love to try new things out, to throw myself down one rabbit hole after another to see what I can discover.

For a restless rebel always at war with myself and my situation blogging has always been a bane and a blessing, like every commitment and every responsibility.

For now at least ClimbingSky will live on in some fashion. What that is or what direction it may go, I cannot say. But then again, it has always been that way.





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