Stacking Stones

“Stacking Stones” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

My brief vacation to Wisconsin, Lake Superior, and the Brule River have helped clarify a possible new addition and a re-addition to ClimbingSky.

Over 7+ years MontanaWriter and ClimbingSky have undergone a number of evolutions. I would like to be able to say that there has been a grand plan for my blogging or at least a method to the madness, but there has been none. Features, subjects, and directions come and go as my interests wax and wane.

One of the things I did for awhile was a weekly feature called Hugh’s Journal. Beginning Sunday August 20th, I will be bringing it back in some form.

I will also be rolling another genealogy-inspired one based on some of the research I have been doing into my own family tree.

I have no illusions that the latter will be of much interest to others besides myself. But since I have a blog and the space and place for scans of pictures, and memories I have been meaning to go through for some time, I figured “why not.”

A possible schedule for ClimbingSky going forward may end up looking like:

  • Sunday: Hugh’s Journals
  • Monday: Music Monday
  • Tuesday: Occasional & Miscellaneous posts
  • Wednesday: Groundwork (genealogy, memories, photos, stories)
  • ThursdayOccasional & Miscellaneous posts
  • Friday: Photo Friday
  • Saturday: Occasional & Miscellaneous posts 

Stay tuned, of course, for the inevitable changes.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.




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