Reading In A New Direction

This year, in addition to “banning” certain words from my life as much as possible, I have also made a resolution to read only women writers and/or writers of color.

A father of daughters, living in a house of all women, I remain nonetheless what I am: a white, middle-aged male who grew up in a house of boys in Montana.

And since in the last year, I have come to believe that the madness in our society made manifest in the current and most unworthy inhabitant of the White House is directly related in someway to  white-male privilege, I have concluded that I need to be reading in a new direction.

Longtime followers of ClimbingSky (and before that MontanaWriter) know that I am not hardwired to want to review books. But I will at least try to mention here now and then what I am reading.

I am beginning with books I have on my shelves already or that are on my Kindle. So right now I am reading

  • The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
  • Poems by Amy Lowell
  • Nature’s Temples by Joan Maloof

Like my attempt to ban certain words from my life, this is an experiment I am trying for 2018. I will let you know how it goes.