Book Review: “Can Poetry Matter” by Dana Gioia

This is the fifth book review in the series “Poets on Poetry.” Reviews of books in this series can be found at “Poets on Poetry.” Dana Gioia began his literary career as an outsider. Like two poets he admires – Wallace … Continue reading

Poetry Review: “Selecting a Reader” by Ted Kooser

Ted Kooser, like Wallace Stevens, made his real money as a vice-president of an insurance company. Rather than spending his days, as most poets do now, teaching writing to MFA students, Kooser spent his working a real job.  The fact … Continue reading

Poetry Review: “Flying by Night” by Ted Kooser

One of the truisms of American poetry is that some of the most original poetry written in the 20th Century was written by non-professional poets. That is, poets who had their primary careers in fields other than writing or teaching … Continue reading