“Writing Life” (by m.a.h. hinton)

A year ago, I made a decision to do something with decades worth of poems scattered in computer files and old journals. Instead of letting them just gather dust, or be lost, or thrown away as I had been doing for 30 years, I decided to try sending them out.

In the last year, the following publishers have done me the honor of publishing my work. I thank them all.

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Writing can be a lonely habit. Some writers join writer’s groups or go to workshops or get MFAs. I have chosen to do it in a more solitary way.

There are advantages and disadvantages to trying to write in the way that was chosen for me. I say “chosen for me” because my I am not a by nature a joiner. I could not have done it any other way. I am most comfortable when by myself or with just a few others at a time from my small group of friends and family members.

The advantage is that I think I have developed a style of writing that works for me. The disadvantage is that I will always be blind and deaf to what I cannot see or hear. I am an audience of one. Everything I write is limited by and only as good as that flawed and imperfect audience of one can see or hear.

This blog, as irregular as it is, is the one outlet I have for trying things out. That is why I want to thank those of you who stop by here every now and then. Please know that I appreciate it very much.




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  1. I appreciate the chance to read your thoughts and writings. It’s always worth the read. Thank you!