Tie-Dye Tuesday

If I were ever to be a pastor again, I would wear a tie-dye robe or alb. Nothing conventional. Nothing too “churchy” or formal.

And if asked by a congregant or a bishop, why tie dye? I would answer: tie dye reminds us of music, art, and summer. It is the cloth of rebellion, hope, peace, and love.

But I am not a pastor, nor do I plan to be one again. I am however a poet, a mystic, and a bit of a hippy. And I want to dress in a way that expresses what I believe to be most important.

So beginning today, and every Tuesday that I go to work, I will be wearing tie dye.

And if asked by a colleague (or family member), why tie dye? I will answer: it is a poke in the eye of convention. It is completely irrelevant. It is loudly anti-Big-Business and anti-establishment. It is an expression of a different way of seeing things and being in this world. It both celebrates what matters most… and offends what matters least. In short, it represents everything I believe in.

And if asked, why Tuesdays? I could say it is because Tuesdays are the day we vote in this country. But that is merely a happy coincidence.

The real reason should be obvious to any who like language and poetry: the alliteration just sounds better than Tie-Dye Wednesday.

So have a happy Tie-Dye Tuesday everyone!


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