Travel Journal

Sue and I took a long weekend to the prairie country of Western Minnesota. It is nice to get out where the horizon is far and the wind is free.

I spent the lazy weekend reading parts of many novels, writing, and resting.

I have one journal volume that I call “A Traveling Journal.” I have been bringing with me since our trip to Ireland in May 2016. It has gone with me to:

  • Ireland (County Mayo, Sligo, Norther Ireland, Dublin)
  • South Padre Island, Texas
  • Black River Falls, Wisconsin
  • North Dakota (Jamestown, Dickinson)
  • Montana (Billings, Helena, Dillon)
  • Chicago
  • Iron River, Wisconsin
  • Norcross, Minnesota

187 pages so far of poem drafts, notes, hand-drawn maps, quotes, and a few “sketches.”

I have pulled out of it so far a chapbook that I am shopping around and a few poems that have already been published.

On some trips, I write a lot. On others, not so much.

This trip was mainly prose. Ideas that I may or may not share some day. A bit of verse.

All that matters though is that I write.


a farm
in Western Minnesota
not far
from South Dakota

early September

the nights cool
the days hot

this morning
the rooster crows
again and again

the cool morning air
pours through
the open windows

a little kitchen table
a cup of coffee
a pencil
this page

“Reverse Shadow Sketch” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

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