What Else Would You Expect

“St. Francis Statue” (photo by m.a.h. hinton)

As I have mentioned here frequently of late, I have been reading a lot of Franciscan theology. My interest in all things theological waxes and wanes. And yet on some level it is always there.

Poetry and theology are after all the two ways I think about this world. And though I may be biased, they remain in my mind the two best ways to think about most every thing.

In my early 20s, I formally studied theology. For the last three decades it has been more informal. I can say the same thing, now that I am thinking about it, about poetry as well!

If I had kept every theology book that I ever dipped into over the years the house would be even more full of books than it already has been. (Though I have gotten better about letting go of books. Much better).

I say all this by way of explanation for anyone new to me or to ClimbingSky and who may be wondering why I am posting these days about prayer or St. Francis.

If someone believes or does not believe as I do for the most part matters little to me. I feel about them usually like I feel about those who say they do not like bourbon. It is only their loss. I am no missionary. Nor have I ever wanted to be one.

What does irritate me quite a bit are those who say they arrived at the conclusion that there was no God, or that all religion is just bullshit, etc. when they were in 8th grade.

I feel the same about these people as I would someone who said they had read Shakespeare in 8th grade and had concluded that he could not write. Or, that they studied science in 8th grade and have concluded that Global Warming and Evolution are bullshit.

For these people I have only… lack of respect. And that is really all they deserve. Adolescent insight is after all hormonal not intellectual.

If you are of this latter group, and you have stumbled onto this blog for reasons of poetry, feel free to move on. For those who stick with me, thank you.

For longtime followers, and I know there are a few, rest assured that I will continue to weave rather randomly between topics poetical and theological with a few stops in between to talk politics or art or music or Westerns or books or sports. By now, what else would you expect.

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