Writers and Their Typewriters

(iPhone photo by m.a.h. hinton)

(iPhone photo by m.a.h. hinton)

Bitter cold has returned to the North Country. Below zero nights and daytime highs in the single digits have chased us inside again. We are indoor people once again watching the cold world through cold panes of glass.

For some time now I have strategizing on ways to “jump-start” MontanaWriter and a few other writing projects that have been languishing. To this end I have been spending time gathering ideas and images on Pinterest.

A collector by nature, Pinterest is the perfect “hobby” for me, for it easily combines all my hobbies… and I have had many over the years. The combination of visualness and acquisitiveness is a perfect fit for my visually restless mind. Late to the Pinterest party though I am, I am nonetheless in love.

My mind has been on writing and typewriters of late. One of the things I have been “collecting” is pictures of writers at their typewriters.

My last posting was a picture taken with my iPhone of my Underwood 319 and a scan of a poem draft. Today I post a few lines about typing and some pictures of some of my favorite writers working on their typewriters.


Typing Poem














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